30 Day Photography Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Day Photography Challenge.

I decided to create this page to refer to later, so you'll be able to visit each day of my challenge, straight from here.  I will be updating it daily as I go through the challenge.  (There will be no postings on Sundays) Beneath the links is the original picture for the challenge that I borrowed from http://ellemoss.blogspot.com/

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5    updated 2/11/2012
Day 6    updated 2/13/2012
Day 7    updated 2/14/2012
Day 8    updated 2/15/2012
Day 9    updated 2/16/2012
Day 10  updated 2/17/2012
Day 11   updated 2/18/2012
Day 12  updated 2/20/2012
Day 13  updated 2/22/2012
Day 14   updated 2/22/2012

**The challenge is on hold, sorry!  Once I'm settled in a new routine with my new job, I will finish, I promise!!!**