Melissa, we've played this game before.

To those of you who have watched my failed blog attempts, yeah, I know.  This one is different.  Why?  Because I am going to be 100% honest, and stick to it.  It's not that I was lying on my blog.  I was omitting portions because I thought it wasn't relevant. 

I am a Christian woman.  I am loosely tied with the United Brethren denomination through Fowlerville United Brethren Church in Fowlerville, MI.  I love Pastor Mark, I love the Congregation.  I love my Sisters in Christ from our Monday night study.  If you're curious, check FUB out here.  The sermon gets recorded and can be downloaded and listened to.

I am not just a scrapbooker, or a sewer, or a jewelry maker.  I am all of the above and more.  I scrapbook, I write, I sew, I make jewelry, I crochet, I am a wife, I am a birth mother, I am a daughter, I am a Sister in Christ.  I created a team on Etsy for those of us who are Jacks/Jills of All Crafts.

I do not preach.  I share what is laid on my heart, my experiences, and the scripture that speaks to me. 

I try to keep an open mind, and like hearing the opinion of others, as long as we stay civil about it. 
Please leave comments where you feel compelled. 

There will be tutorials.  Some will be from me, others from other bloggers.  They will usually fall on Tuesdays.  Why? Because I like the sound of Tutorial Tuesdays.  =) 

Thank you for stopping by.  Be Blessed.